Gps trackers used to be something you only could see in the James Bond movies, where the special agent had an full overwiev on the cars location at all times. Today the technology is both available and affordable for everyone. So why do most people shy away from using this technology in their cars, considering the potentially huge value of some vehicles?

Car GPS – Battery connected or not?

GPS tracker for car

Installing a gps tracker directly to the cars battery can be a very complicated and costly process. You also may have to hire a profesional to do the instalation for you. This will be depending on what model or brand you own. On the positive side, if you install the tracker to your battery, you never have to charge the tracker as it constantly gets power form the car.

A gps car tracker that you can easily hide in your car, and one that does not require an instalation, will be the easiest and most affordable option. The tracker will be usable right out of the box, and no connection to the car is needed. Just place it in a safe and hidden place.

The ultimate option would be to combine these two types of car tracker. By doing so you can create a portable tracker that you can hide inside your car or other places, but you can also install the same car tracker directly into the vehicle with an additional wire kit.

This is exactly how our new Tail It + hidden GPS for cars works. The tracker is no bigger than a VISA card, and still manages 8 weeks of batterytime on a single charge. Something that is really impressive for such a small device. The tracker also has wireless charging, and comes with a multi-connection kit inside the box. This means you can place it inside the car or connect it to the car-battery. It works both ways, and is ready to be used right out of the box!

Check the software before buying!

The Tracker is basically just a hardware that you either install or place somewhere. You will rearly touch the tracker again, with the excepion of changing the object you want to track. The product that you really are using on an every day basis is the software. You are using the software to interact with your tracker, so the software should be both safe and userfriendly. Preferably you would want to test the software before you buy the hidden GPS tracker for car. This will determine on how your user experience will be with the GPS tracker.

Motorcycle GPSThe hidden GPS Tracker for car should be used through an app, and every interaction with said tracker should be done through the application. You should watch out for trackers that use SMS-commands, location recieved by coordinates to your phone, or website interface where you need to manage the tracker through a combination of these. Managing everything from installation of the GPS tracker, to location updates and device sharing, is easies when all is done inside one application. Please test our Tail it app today, its free and ready to use. You can connect with facebook and share location of your devices easily with your friends.


Installation of the GPS tracker for car

Don’t buy a GPS-tracker, and leave it inside your garage because you don’t have the time to install it. You should buy a car gps tracker that is ready to use right out of the box. Check the installation process before buying it. If the tracker has a large number of steps before the tracker is working, then forget about it. Our Tail it GPS tracker for cars, has an easy 2 step installation. First step is to download the app. The next step is to take a picture of the backside of the tracker. Thats it! Then you’ll see the trackers location in the app.

Just like that, super easy! If you want to install it to your car, you could to this whenever you want. Until then you can use the tracker as a portable GPS tracker. Check out the Tail it application already today! Available on Android and iOS.

GPS til bil collageAnti theft

We want to touch on our favorite features of this Car GPS. The possibility for constant charging. For anyone unfamiliar with this, it is where you attach the GPS Tracker to a constant voltage kit that is hooked up to the car battery. This means the tracker can be online with live tracking 24/7, without running out of power. You might think it’s not that impressing, but when you combine this function with “safety zones” inside the application, it is a game changer because you have a safety net you can trust.

Every time the car moves outside of this zone you have set, you will be notified within seconds. That is the kind of safety that allows you to lower your shoulders, and is what we’re aiming to help you do here at Tail it.

Car GPS hidden

When we launched our GPS tracker on Kickstarter, we reached out to a lot of different communities. Especially for the Tail it + we reached out to various car communities. We actually got the best feedback for collectors of older veteran cars. These cars have a lot of value for their owners, but the safety in these cars are not up to date with todays technology. That is why the feedback was great from this community, as it is a GPS tracker that is hidden in your car and it offers a big step up in security from what they have today.

These car thieves are usually pretty knowledgeable about the cars they want to take, and already know about the different security issues in these cars.

No guarantee against thievery

According to this Wikipedia article, 721,053 cars were stolen in the USA in 2012. The total value of these cars racked up to 4,3 billion dollars. Of course we can’t guarantee you that your car won’t get stolen, because you have a car GPS inside. What we can guarantee you, is that it works when you need it to, and can help you to track the thief down, if you should be so unlucky to get your car stolen. We recommend you go to the police if this ever happens to you, because going to the thief alone can be dangerous.

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