What are cookies?

Cookies / cookies are small temporary files that are stored on your PC’n mac or your phone in what you visit our website. The files are deleted automatically after a certain period of time or when the webpage closes, but you can manage this yourself in your web browser. The cookies contain information such as your settings or profile information for a site.

The statistics from cookies are anonymized, that is, it is not linked to you as a person. A cookie is not a program, nor can it contain viruses.

We do not store any personal, identifiable information through cookies, and information about you can not be tracked through cookies.

When you visit Tailit.com or our APP, you agree that we use cookies / cookies.

How to avoid cookies?

You decide whether you want to use cookies or not. Most web browsers (like GoogleChrome, Firefox, etc.) receive cookies automatically, but you can change these settings so they are not accepted.

How does Tail it use cookies / cookies?

We use cookies to maintain your user session on our website. This allows you to move between different sections of the site without having to log in again for each page. It also means we can remember what you had in your shopping cart, if you were to navigate away from it and then come back.

We use statistics and analysis tools from external vendors to obtain anonymous information about the use of our site. We use Google Tag Manager to manage the different tools. We also use cookies for maintaining user sessions on the website so you can move from page to page without emptying your shopping cart. You can also navigate away from the cart and return without emptying it.

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Go0gle adwords
  • Facebook pixel

Tail it uses 3 different cookies:

Required Cookies: These cookies are essential for the pages on the site to work properly. Without these cookies, we can not guarantee that you’re able to navigate around the site, look for and order the products or talk with support.

Functionality  Cookies increase usability on our site, as in the example of where we keep the products in the shopping cart when navigating from page to page.

Advertising cookies can be used through services such as facebook pixel and google adwords to show you ads that may be relevant to you when you are outside of our site on our behalf.

Read more about our privacy policy here: Privacy Statement