Fake GPS

Was a huge trend some years ago, and a lot of people may think that the trend is over. It most certainly  is not. The app where you confuse your device to believe it is somewhere else in the world are still used a lot. So, what do we use this app for? And how do we use it?

PokemonGO – Fake GPS

When PokemonGO where launched in July 2016 the trend with fake GPS took a new turn. And it went to be very popular. But why? This is a mobile game where you are supposed to catch virtual monsters by using you mobile phone in the “real” world. The game uses you geographic location. So, you will be able to move around in real world while virtual monsters appear onto you mobile screen. When you meet a Pokemon the game uses your camera to so it looks like the monster is in the real world.


So, why did fake GPS a big hit at the same time as PokemonGO ruled over the whole world? It has to do with the fact that this game uses your geographic location. The Pokemon Company`s idea when they launched this game where to get people out of their sofa, with a game that acquired you to go out and travel around to catch the virtual monsters. They also made sure that some Pokemon are exclusive to some countries and regions. Then a lot of people decided to use the fake GPS to make the game believe that they were in a given place.

So, if you are at PokemonGO forum, and you hear that there is an rare pokemon at the airport in Buenos Aires you can travel there virtually with your phone, and catch the rare monster. This way you can catch all the pokemons in the pokedex.

Snapchat – Fake GPS

Snapchat where officially launched in Appstore September 2011 and is now one of the most popular apps out there. But how does that have anything to do with fake GPS?

The app has something called geofilter. This is a feature that makes filters based on where you are. Towns and happenings can make their own filters and decide in witch radius it will appear. You may have seen this when you have taken a picture with Snapchat and you swipe left. Then a filter with the name of the city you are in often appears. This is a geofilter, and a lot of cities and companies use it to market themselves on your photos.

Since Snapchat base their geofilters on your phone`s geographic location you are able to make your phone believe you are in a different place.  This may not be the most useful way to use the fake GPS app, but it`s actually quite popular. You can make your followers believe you are in a different place. It may be a fun way to trick your friends in to believing you are somewhere exotic.

Instagram – Fake GPS

Instagram is known to most people. It is an app where you can share photos and short videos with the rest of the world, and where launched in October 2010. The app now has over 150 million users around the whole world. So, the pictures you share has the potential to reach a lot of people. If you find a person/profile you like, you can choose to follow this person. Then the profile will gain a follower. This app has grown so big that the marked for products and advertising is huge. Both well known brands and up and coming brands use this social media platform to expand their brand. They give products for free to a profile with a lot of followers and get them to promote their products to their followers. This a cheap and most effective way to promote their products. If the profile has a lot of followers they often get paid to promote as well.

Traveling blog has been taken to a new level with this social media platform. And that is one of the biggest reasons that fake GPS is being used on this platform. There has been some cases the last couple of years that influencers has used fake GPS to trick their followers and potential partners to believe that they travel a lot. By using this app and photoshop. They edit their photo so it looks like they are in an exotic place, and use the app to put the geotag there. In that way they trick people to believe that they travel a lot and to nice places. The hope is to get sponsored by companies that live out of tourists.

Fake GPS – Do we need it?

Fake GPS may not be the most needed app on the marked. It can be a fun little thing, but not very useful. At least not if you want to be an honest person. So if you want to play by the rules this may not be the most used app in your phone. It definitely works differently than our personal tracker, since you choose the position of GPS yourself, instead of using satelites!

It may be more useful ways of using GPS. Read our article on mobile tracker. It may be a better way!