What is IMEI number and how do I find it?

“The IMEI number is a unique code used to identify your product. The IMEI number usually looks like this: 35759306xxxxxxx»

How to find the IMEI number:
1. On the declaration of conformity or on the SIM-card inside the box.
2. You can contact support via contact form and we will find it for you.

If you have already added the device to the app but forgot the IMEI number, find it inside the app this way:

1. You go to “devices” in the menu and tap your device.
2. Scroll down and select “change device”
3. At the bottom of this page you will find the IMEI number.

I get a yellow triangle in the app. What does this mean?

The information you saved in the app hasn’t synchronized at the device yet. This problem most often occurs at first admission to the app.
1. Have you activated the sim card?
If not, go to:
www.reg.tailit.com and register your sim card today! Make sure your device is set up properly.
2. Remember to turn the device off and on again, if changes are made in the app. Please go close to a window or outdoors so that the device receives GPS signal.

3. You can find guides on the devices at: www.tailit.com/support

What does code from friend mean? What am I going to do with this

This code comes up when the device is already in the app from before.
If you are sure that no one else has entered the device in the app, you can check whether you can log in with both Facebook and your own phone number. These users are counted as two different users and may cause this error to occur.

Tip: Go to your profile to add facebook or phone number. This will merge the account into an account.

How does the device update location?

The devices use the following logic to update the location: GPS> WiFi> LBS.

Around the device is a blue circle, this circle indicates the area you are within. The larger the circle, the more uncertain your location is

GPS = Exactly within 5 meters


WI-FI = Indoors. Displays location of the router. Exactly within 50m.

PS! If you have moved and taken the router with you, it will display old address. It can also occur in schools that have inherited routers so that location shows in a totally different place.

LBS = Emergency solution. Only used when there is no GPS or WiFi signal. 2km accuracy – area location.

The device won't update position

1. Have you activated your SIM card? If you haven’t received email confirmation with phone number after registering it on reg.tailit.com, it’s probably not yet active, and you’ll have to wait for this email before you can add the device to the app. (Also check the spam filter)

2. The unit is switched on according to the operating instructions. Briefly explained, if you press the “Power” button on the device and it flashes twice, it is turned on.

3. Bring your device out where GPS is covered
4. Turn the device on and off after activating the SIM
5. Try turning the device to “live” mode to force the position
6. Call the device manually to force the position

If this still does not work, contact customer service via contact form.

My device will not charge

QI wireless charger: make sure the charging symbol is centered on the QI wireless charger.

Make sure it is put on the charger with the charging symbol down towards the charger.

Check that all cables are securely attached to the QI wireless charger.

USB-C: check the charging cable

Check the plug

How do we know when the device is on?

This is demonstrated in the user manual and in the video showing you how the device works. First, you need to recharge the device. After a few seconds with the charger connected, the device will light green. This light will turn off as soon as the device is fully charged.

When the device is charging and is turned on, it will flash green

To turn it on, press and hold the “Power” button until a long green light comes on.

To confirm that it is on, press the “Power” button quickly and it will flash 2 times. To turn it off, hold down the “Power” button again, until it lights up a long green light again.

My device shows the wrong position?

Some information on how the tracking on the device works:

The devices always prioritize GPS updating, which can be accurate within a radius of 5 meters.

When indoors, it will update on WiFi. It uses WiFi as it consumes much less power on the device to update itself. In normal mode, position can be exactly on a radius within 10-150 meters depending on WiFi conditions, number of routers in the area and whether routers have updated MAC address
If you experience incorrect positioning, you can attach the IMEI number to the device, and the time of the wrong positioning in the contact form, we will have to investigate what may have happened.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To manage your subscription, you must log in to login.tailit.com. Here you can freeze and end your subscription. You can change card information for payment and you can see payment history. Here you can also order a new SIM card if you have lost a SIM card. You received the login info when you first activated the SiM-card. If you don’t find this in you email, please check spam filter.

I can't log into "My page"

If you do not enter My page, you must request a new password. This will be sent to your email with which you registered your SIM card with. If you can’t find the email where you can change your password, check your spam filter.