Expected date of shipping is 10th of December

The Tail it, Tail it + and Tail it Pet are finished by the end of November. A lot of the products we are recieving are already pre-ordered through our Kickstarter campaign. The next batch of products will be available to our partners and retailers, where the expected delivery date is 10th February 2019. We still have some products that are available and have an updated inventory that you can see next to the pre-order button. It will not be possible to pre-order products if it says “0 in stock”. An error message will appear. So as long as you’re able to order, you will receive your product from this first batch.


For the Tail it Bike we are still looking to perfect the locking mechanism, so that the product can be firmly attached inside bike. This product is therefore slightly delayed. We hope to be able to finish it in November. The GPS tracker for Bike is expected to be delivered in January 2019.

Christmas Gifts!

Our GPS tracking devices are a popular Christmas gift, as it keeps track of the recipients most valuable things. It’s something everyone needs, and it’s a Christmas gift with love.

A lot of people are asking us if we can guarantee that the products will arrive before Christmas. Sadly we can’t. Our indications are that the products will arrive in good time before Christmas, but unforeseen things may happen meaning we can’t guarantee anything.

So in order for you to be able to make this decision, we have set up some facts about the delivery. We have also set up a backup solution, so that you can give a unique Christmas gift anyway. Where the recipient becomes one of the first in the world to receive the product.

The products will be finished at the end of November. All except the Tail it bike, which most likely will be delivered in January. The shipment has been ordered using flight-transport with DHL from the factory in China to our warehouse in Trondheim on 05th December. Shipping usually takes 1 day to Oslo, and will spend an extra day to reach our storage in Trondheim.

DHL is not only working on business days, but the flights are also on weekends. Our experience is that the delays rarely lie here. The uncertainty lies with the handling agent at the airport in Hong Kong. Normally this is not an uncertainty, but in the Christmas season there can be complications and we expect some delays. However we do not know how much of a delay, or even if there is going to be a delay at all.

Christmas is the most hectic time of the year, because many manufacturers order their goods right before Christmas. Both Samsung, Apple and other major players includng us ship their products to stores across the globe during this period. Then the stores ship the products to you, where your local post-office is something we do not have any control over.

Its important for us to be as upfront and transparent as possible. If you don’t accept that there is a chance that the product will not arrive for Christmas, and this awesome voucher the recipient will recieve is not enough, then you shall not buy the product as christmas gift. Its hurting us to say this, we do believe that everyone will receive the products, but as stated earlier we cannot guarantee it.

You’ll get something to give away for Christmas!

If you buy one of our products as a Christmas gift, you should still be able to give a gift that the recipient is pleased with. If the physical product for whatever reason does not arrive on time, you can download this diploma telling the recipient that he/she will be one of the first in the world to receive his/hers Tail it product.

We will not receive more shipments until later in 2019, where they will be distributed to our partners, which in turn must distribute them internally to various stores. Therefore, it may take a long time before others have the opportunity to acquire their tracking device.

Please test our free mobile tracker app. You can start using it now to track friends and family mobile!

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