Wireless charger

Wireless Charger

Imagine that your Tail it, Tail it+ or smart phone runs out of battery. You would have to go find the cable, plug it in to an outlet and make sure the cable you found is the right one. The process works, but can be annoying.

Wireless charging removes the trouble of recharging your units. By using electromagnetic fields to transfer power from a transmitter into the device receiver, you charge the batteries without any physical connection. All thanks to a QI wireless charger.

  • Protection against over-charging
  • Radiation protection
  • Controlled temperature

QI Wireless charger

QI Wirless charger Samsung

QI Wireless charger smartphones
QI smart telefoner

More information on the QI Wireless charger:


Dimensions: 93 x 5.9mm

Materials: Aluminum + PMMA and a leather cover

Color: Black

Weight: 126g

Radiation protection: Yes

Protection against over-charging: Yes

Controlled temperature: Yes

Product standard: QI


Pink, Blue, Black

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