Cat GPS Tracker

Do you love cats? We do! One of the worst thing that could happen is that your beloved cat goes missing. At least we think so. Would it not be nice to be able to track your you four legged best friend? Now you can. Now we have developed a cat GPS tracker!

Cat GPS Tracker – What is it?

We are going to explain that to you. A cat GPS tracker is not in itself something brand new and innovating, but what makes the tail it pet so unique is the weight and the capacity of the battery. It only weighs 22g and has a battery capacity of two weeks!

cat gps collar

Earlier we have talked about this product in this article about the cat tracker, but such a great product cannot get enough good reviews. You may think that such a great tracker with that great battery capacity, and its light weight must cost a fortune. No, not at all. It costs only 99.-USD.

What to do when the cat is lost – Cat GPS Tracker

When I was a little boy, I had a cat and he was my best friend. One day when I came home from school my cat Mons was not there. That might not be an unusual thing, it’s a cat and cats are often outside playing and hunting for a long time. But later that night he still had not come home, and we started to worry. So, we had to start looking for it. The whole family went out looking for him, but no luck. We could not find him.

We did not have a cat GPS tracker attached to Mons so, we had no idea where he could be. The only thing we could do was put an ad in the local newspaper and hope that someone had seen him or found him. If we at that time had a tail it pet the only thing we needed to do where to open the app and find his location. Luckily this time someone had found Mons, but that had didn’t have to be the case at all.

Cat gps tracker

It`s in these cases the tail it pet is brilliant. The only thing you need to do is simply open the app and find the location of you little best friend. Then you don’t need to be worried if the cat stays out a little longer than usual, it`s easy to track it.

Where can I get the cat GPS tracker?


The cat GPS tracker is easy to find, just look for our pet tracker. There is a lot of other smart GPS solutions there. If there is something that you are afraid to loose, we most likely have the GPS for you to track it. Our tracker is so small that there is almost nothing you can not attach it to. From keys and phone to cats and dogs.

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You only need to buy a tracker and download the app from App Store or Google Play, attach it to the thing you don’t want to lose and you are good to go! Then you never have to loose the things you love and need anymore.

Cat GPS tracker – advantages

We could write a whole book with all the advantages that comes with a cat GPS tracker, but we will try to make it short. The first thing you may think is, does it not break fast since my pet is out in rain and snow? Don’t worry! The tracker is of course water resistant, and can be used in rain and snow. Will it be hard for the cat to carry a tracker? Nope, it only weight 22g


Losing stuff is a thing of the past!