Tail it Pet

Imagine if you did not know the location of your pet. Imagine then that you have a map on your phone where the current location of your pet is visible.

Tail it buddy tracker is one of the smallest pet-trackers in the world. It weight only 28g and fits even the smallest cats and dogs. Our Pet-tracker is super easy to use. Just download our APP and take a picture of the device, then you’ll see its location on the map. Read more about our Cat tracker and dog tracker.

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Tail it Pet is the #1 test winner in both Norwegian tests!

9/10 points in Norways biggest hunting magazine.

(English tests will be published soon, we have received amazing feedback.)
Bladet jakt

2 weeks battery

Light and tiny


Catsafe collar

Global range

Technical Information:

How to update location?
The pet tracker is updated when you choose to update location. Just press “update location” and then you’ll see the current location of the pet tracker in the map. In addition to GPS, the device is integrated with a Multi-LBS system, which collects data from more than 3 GSM base stations and calculates accurate placement by analyzing, direction and ephemeris from satellites. The pet tracker also has an advanced tool for finding a position outside of GPS, which means that the battery saves battery life and has longer batterylife. Tail it uses algorithms that track the device both with base stations, wifi, and places in the Tail it app.

Real-time tracking
You can see where your pet tracker is located at any time, just by updating the location in the app. Just press the button and its there!

– Dimension: 41 × 29 x12,6mm
– Weight: 28g

– SIM card: Micro SIM, supports GPS and GPRS
– RFID: Yes
– Antenna 1: GSM, built-in
– Antenna 2: GPS, built-in
– Antenna 3: WIFI, built-in
-GSM / GPRS 4 frequency:
850 + 1900 + 900 + 1800MHz

The pet tracker is splash proof.

– Battery: 520 mAh lithium battery
– Charging time: 2.5 hours
– Standby: 2 weeks

– Supports: iOS and Android
– Language: Norwegian, English, Finnish, Danish
– Location: Location with Google Maps in the app
– Number of tracker with an App account: No limit

Price: 99 $

479 in stock

gps dog
tiny pet

Million of pets are lost every year. I don’t risk losing mine.

Christian Wiig

Its fun to watch where Aladin is on the map.

Its easy to go and get him if he goes to far away from home.

Camilo Hunnestad

Realtime pet tracker. Location updates within seconds

Easy to share the GPS pet-tracker with friends and family

Global range. Without distance limitation. Locate pet world-wide.

2 weeks battery
pet tracker
pet tracker
pet tracker
Light and tiny

Tail it buddy is small and light(only 28 grams), which means that pets do not notice they are wearing it. Our goal was to deliver the tiniest and most comfortable GPS tracker for pets. .

SOS features

Tail it buddy is also equipped with a "Catsafe" collar designed for cats. This collar automatically resolves if it gets stuck in, for example, a tree.


To use Tail it buddy, you need a smartphone and the «Tail it» app. Download the app at Appstore for Apple phones and Google Play for Android phones.


Tail it pet has a battery capacity of up to 14 days, and is equipped with magnetic charger

Splash proof

Tail it buddy is splash proof so there is no problem using this in the rain or snow. Its also a silicon casing around the tracker that helps for protection.

Global range

Tail it buddy has no distance restriction when it comes to updating position. You will therefore be able to track the track all over the world, wherever you are, as long as it is mobile coverage.

Dont lose your pet

In 2018 its totally unnecessary to lose your pet. When a small piece of technology will give you its location within second.

Easy install

Just download the Tail it APP and take a picture of the unit. Then you’ll see its location on the map.