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The most important thing about a cat GPS tracker is that it is small and lightweight. So tiny that the cat won’t mind wearing it. In addition, the cat-tracker should have long battery life. If the cat should go missing, the owner can track it down, even if it has been a while since it was home. A lot of the GPS devices for cats that are currently on the market, have problems with short battery life. Most of them requires a daily charge of the device.

Small tracker for cat
Tail it’s Cat tracker is the smallest on the market!

This is why we have developed a tiny GPS for cats with a minimum of 2 weeks battery life. When we designed the Tail it pet GPS for cats, we wanted it to be as small as possible. With battery life allowing the cat to be out for days, without the GPS running out of power. Our battery lasts for 2 weeks on a single charge.

In the developing process, we got several cat enthusiasts to test our trackers. We received feedback that the option of sound and light was desirable. Cats often hide if they get scared or injured, if it’s dark, it can be almost impossible to find the cat, even if it is only 15 feet away from you. In the Tail it mobile tracker APP you can easily turn on a light on the tracker or play a sound, and this will make it a lot easier to track down your missing cat even if it’s trapped or hiding somewhere. You can check out the Tail it application today. Available for both iOS and Android!


Important with an exact location on your cat from the tracker!

Most GPS collars for cats comes with a default refresh rate. Normally, these sequences are between 1-3 minutes, and the device automatically updates on your mobile phone. The problem of updating position with such sequences, is that the device selects the update technology that drains the battery. A well-used technology is LBS that updates location using base stations. This gives an accuracy of 1,2 miles. WI-FI location will provide accuracy of 220 yards, while GSM will provide accuracy of 15 ft. This allows the location to jump back and forth on the map, using the different technologies to update the location, especially if the device is located in a poor WI-FI and GSM coverage area. However this method reduces the battery life dramatically to a maximum of 2-3 days.

In the Tail it cat GPS tracker, the device will only update the location when you press “update location” in the app. In addition, we have entered WI-FI home so that it does not update the position when the tracker is home. This means that our GPS for Cats, does not use battery, as long as you do not ask for its location. This is the main secret behind our long battery life. It’s a little more complicated than this.  We are constantly working on improving the location software and battery saving. ‘Tail it” are proud to be supported by the “Research Council” and the “Innovation Norway” in this product developing.

Now with Live tracking!

Our GPS for cats also has features like “live tracking”; that let you see the current position of the device “live in the map”. When we say “live” we mean it too. Our cat GPS tracker updates every second so you get a real-time image of where your cat is. This function can be activated from the Tail it App, you can easily turn on and off the live tracking at anytime. It will however use more battery, as long as “live” is activated in the app. That is why we have programmed the GPS for Cats to go  “live” for 5 minutes, before you have to give your approval to exceed this time limit. This is as an additional security for you as a user, and super useful in emergency situations.

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