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Our GPS tracker for kids is a mobile phone which looks just like a regular smartwatch for kids. This smartwatch will not be put aside, since its always on the kids arm. You call it like you would call any phone and the watch will answer automatically after 3 rings. It shows the location of the tracker with the highest accuracy world-wide, so you will never wonder where your kid is again. Read more about our child tracker here!

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GPS Tracker for kids battery life
5 days battery

GPS watch for kids lightweight
Light and tiny

GPS tracker for kids Touch screen
Touch screen

GPS Tracker for kids splashproof

GPS Tracker for kids global range
Global range

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GPS Tracker for kids

Locate (GPS, LBS, WIFI and locations)

The GPS tracker for kids updates when you choose to update location. This keeps the battery on the watch longer. In addition to GPS tracking, the watch is integrated with the Multi-LBS system, which collects data from more than 3 GSM base stations and calculates exact location by analyzing, direction and ephemeris from satellites. The watch also has an advanced tool for locating position beyond GPS, which means that the battery saves battery life and has a long life. Gator3 kid tracker uses algorithms that track the watch both with base stations, wifi and locations inside the app.


The GPS tracker for kids is equipped with an SOS button marked with “S”. When the child presses this button, the watch starts and calls in loop until it responds to one of the numbers entered as emergency number of the watch.


Easy for your child to call the person they want from the 13 pre-programmed phone numbers in the watch.

Real-time tracking

You can see where the GPS tracker for kids is located at any time, by simply updating location within the app.


– Dimension: 42x36x15mm

– Weight: 55g


– ROM: 512MB

– RAM: 1GB

Other specifications for GPS for kids

– Wifi Location: Yes

– GSP conversation: Yes

– Charging method: Sealed magnetic charger

– SIM card: Nano SIM, supports GPS and GPRS

– RFID: Yes

– SMS: Yes

– GSM Antenna

– GPS Antenna

– WIFI Antenna


– Display: TFT 240 * 240

– Battery: 450-480 mAh Lithium battery

Battery lifetime on the GPS for kids

– Charging time: 2.5 hours

– Standby: 5-7 days


– Supports: iOS and Android

– Language: Norwegian, English, Finnish, Danish

– Dial outgoing number: 13 phone number

– SOS: Can dial 3 SOS numbers in loop if one number does not answer the call. The watch will be voice monitored during SOS mode

– Dial inbound number: Only prefix can dial. Unknown number can not call.

– Location view: Location view with Google Maps in app

– Number of watches with one App account: No limit

This GPS for kids requires a subscription. Read more about subscriptions here.


Pink, Blue, Black

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GPS-klokke for barn

With Gator3, I never have to text:

‘Did you make it home safely?’ because I know they did!

Arne Nilsen

I was looking for a mobile without access to internet and social media for my son.

Tail it Kids works perfectly!

Marita Stok

Realtime tracking if your kids location.

Easy to call and receive calls. Only confirmed number are allowed to call the watch.

Global range. Without any range limitation. Works world-wide.

SOS button for the kids. Starts calling all emergency numbers in loop.
Easy setup

Easy setup, easy to locate and easy to call! Perfect for all families with children. The clock is small and lightweight and weighs only 52grams.

Touch screen

Tail it is developed with touch screen which is one of the improvements compared to the previous versions. With easy swipe options, any child will be able to handle this watch


To use the watch, you need a smartphone and the "Tail it" app. Download app from Appstore for Apple phones and Google Play for Android phones.


You can easily communicate with the child via voice calls. The watch will automatically answer after 3 beeps. With this feature you will always make contact!

SOS button

The watch can only call, and receive calls from approved phone numbers that are pre-entered. If the SOS button is pressed, it will loop call the three first numbers in the contact list, until someone answers. .

Live tracking

EWith live tracking you can easily locate the watch every 2 seconds. This is a helpful tool if there is an emergency or a situation where you need to locate the watch with frequent position updates.

Always response

The watch is attached to the wrist and answer automatically!

Easy communication

“Dinner is ready”

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