Games for kids

Games for kids may be one of the most discussed themes now days. Which games are they allowed to play? Should they be watched when they play? And how much should they play? The answers to these questions are so many. This is a tough theme, with many different answers. In this article we will try to talk a little bit about it. We do not have the answer, but we will try to give some tips and some guidance when it comes to games for kids.


Games for kids, where do we draw the line?

So where do we draw the line? Hard to tell! We all know that kids are unique, and they react different to time spent with the screen. But there are suggestions you can listen to and try to follow. One of these suggestions is to not demand that you kid turns of their screen but suggest other activities instead. Then the kid may act by itself to do something else, and in that way be more open to it. Interact with the kid in the other activities, it will be fun for you and the kid. There is so many things you can do. Take out some old school games for kids like Ludo or Monopoly. If there are one thing kids like, it must be when their parent interacts with them in their games, and they can get all the attention in an otherwise hectic everyday life. But when to do so? This you know best yourself. You are the one who know your kids best and know when they have been playing to long.

Games for kids, should I pay attention?

It will always be wise to pay attention to what your kids is playing. There is so many different games out there that is no good for kids. So, it is wise to pay good attention. We all have heard stories from for example where videos witch a kid never should lay eyes upon appear. That is why we think you always should pay attention to what your kid is playing. Many of the games these days also have chat forums build in the games. These chat forums may be used to communicate with the kids in a way that is not OK. That’s why you should keep your eyes open and pay attention. You never know!

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Games for kids, what may they play?

So, what games for kids should they play? Almost all games have a recommended age limit. These limits are carefully tested, and the age limits are to be trusted. Therefore, it may be a good rule to follow these age limits. If the games have their own chat function, you may pay a little bit extra attention. Then you are sure that there is no communication with persons you don’t want you kids communicate with. You could never be to careful with your kids, could you?

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Games for kids, old but gold!

Do you remember when you where a kid yourself? Then games for kids had a different meaning. It often meant the family gathered around a table or friend over to visit. Not to forget late nights at the cabin during vacation. What kind of old treasures did we play then? Monopoly is a classic that many people remember and has had great times with. Who had the best street, with houses and hotels?

Many may remember Ludo, and it may be one of the most iconic games from back in the days. A great game where four people fight to get to the goal line first.

No matter which old treasure you played as a kid, there is no doubt that you can play this with your kids at this very day. They are going to love it! So, gather your family with and old board game. They never expire!