Dog crate

Dog crate could be a great asset for your dog, and it can be used in so many ways. A lot of people may wonder why they should lock their dog in a cage? But it can be used many ways. In this article we are going to se what we can do with a dog crate and why you as a dog owner should have it. So, hold on let’s go!

Dog crate in the car

A dog is as we all know a man and women’s best friend, and we would do anything for our dog, and always make sure it is happy and healthy. This I where a dog crate can come in handy. If you sometimes are out driving in your car with your best friend (Your dog), then there are some alternatives how to secure your dog the best way. One is a belt for dogs, so the dog can sit with you in the car seat, and the dog in the back of your car. The good thing about having your friend in a dog crate in the back is that if you secure it so its tight and firm it will be very safe for the dog. Put his favorite pillow and blanket in the crate, and your best friend will have an awesome trip with you in the car.

dog crate

Dog crate at home

Does your dog have a favorite place to relax? Is it maybe in the corner with a little bed or a pillow? Maybe you have it in the couch with you? Once again, the dog crate may be a great solution. Put it somewhere with the door open and the favorite blanket and pillow in it. Then de dog will have a great, familiar and comfy place to relax. Like don’t we all need a place to relax?

Dog crate when traveling

If the dog is already using a crate when it’s at home or in the car, it will most suddenly be a place where the dog is relaxing. And if that is the case it will be a great start when you are going to travel to a new place. If it’s a new country or you are going to visit your old aunt, the dog will have a familiar place to relax in an otherwise new environment. If there is one thing our best friends need it is to relax after a lot of playing and new impressions. Then the dog crate can be a good solution.

We also recommend a dog tracker if you’re out traveling. It’s unknown territory for your furry friend, and its easy to get skittish. Keep track of your dog at all times with a GPS tracker for dogs.


Where do I get a dog crate?

Dog crate can be bought on many different places. Your local animal store will most certainly have it, if not google can always help you. There is a lot of different styles and sizes, but do not worry! There is a lot of help there. Take your dog with you to the animal store and let it try and chose the crate. And there will be a professional there to help you choose the right one.

Not convinced?

There are off course alternatives to a dog crate. As mentioned earlier there is a dog belt for when you are in a car, there is beds for dogs to have in your home and there is traveling beds and baskets for when you are on holiday.

We are not saying that a crate is a must have for your dog’s wellbeing, but it is a great alternative to all the other stuff out there.