Best bike tracker

Here’s a best bike tracker video we made specially for all our Kickstarter backers. Its mid-winter in Norway, minus 12 degrees and icing condition. If it can handle this, it can handle any bar (pun intended).


Best bike tracker development history:

The Tail it bike have always been the hardest developing. Remember that we had the PCB board and tracker working before we started, the only this we had to improve was the assembled version of each products. First we developed a 4 battery 178mm bike gps tracker with USB-C charging port on the side of the tracker and key function to lock the tracker inside the handle bar. We produced the first golden batch and received feedback from professionals that the importance of this tracker is that it can be charged while its inside the handle bar, so the user did not need to remove the tracker every time they want to charge it. So we made the change, added a smaller micro USB port on the end. When USB port is at the end, we had to create a hood for the tracker and the USB port.

bike trackerbike tracker

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Improving the battery on the best Bike tracker

Next step: In our case two batteries is better than four. 4 Small batteries gave us 1.200mAh in total. While 2 batteries gave us 1.400mAh battery in total. With two batteries we made the bicycle-tracker shorter and saved weight as well. Feedback from the professional testers was that the weight of the tracker did not matter that much since they would not use the tracker during race. For them it was equally important that the tracker was easy to insert and remove. The other half of the group said that standby battery was the most important. Since the bike might be left in the garage for weeks without anyone using it. So it was important that if someone stole the bike. Even after spending weeks in the garage, the tracker must work.

Locking mechanism for the best bicycle tracker

Final step: The step we have spent most time on optimizing. Most handlebars are 18mm in radius, but some are smaller and some are a bit bigger. So to fit them all, the tracker must expand in some way. Or at least we though it had to, until we saw the obvious. All end handlebar end-caps have this plastic or rubber screws that will bend inwards when you insert them in the end of the handlebar. This is enough to make it stuck. We have tried different designs and we made one prototype which was so good in both 17 and 24mm handle bar radius that we couldn’t get it out. So we had to design a small handle at the end of the tracker to be able to pull it out.

Now this is done and the bike tracker is ready. All we need to do is buy the rubber screw articles and get them mounted on the tracker, then assembly the tracker. This will take 1-2 weeks, but will not start until the assembly factory is back from Chinese Holliday which is over on the 28th of February. This means that the bike tracker will not be delivered before end of march.

Again, we’re sorry for the delay on the bike tracker. We did not intent do delay anything, but need to deliver perfect results when we deliver it. If you want to swap to our Tail it, Tail it+ or Tail it pet which we’re sending out these days you are more than welcome to update your CrowdOx account, then you’ll receive the product sooner. You will get the same kickstarter discount if you want to order the bicycle tracker again closer to summer, when its in stock.

Live tracking on your bicycle

The professionals did not see much advantages about this feature. They already had other applications that gave them speed, history and other features our live tracking will provide in the future. The less professionals and people who where family orientated loved this feature, since its gives you a nice realtime overview of where everyone and everything is. Also “live tracking” is the back end that makes places and notifications work. In this way you get notified if someone move your bicycle. Because with live tracking your are activating the “monitoring” part of the device.  Meaning that the best bike tracker monitor its location and notify you if its moved out of location.


Bike mobile tracking APP

We have made all our trackers push-and-play devices. Meaning that you shall turn it on. Insert IMEI number in the APP. Then it shall work. Easy!