Bicycle Tracker

There are many reasons to have a bicycle tracker. Bikes are easy to steal, and a GPS tracker makes it easier to relocate your bike. Some might want to reduce their insurance costs. Others may have children and adolescents who tend to leave their bikes laying around. The National Bike Registry reports that 1,5 million bikes are stolen each year. In the United States, thousands of bicycles disappear everyday, never to be seen by their owners again. These owners sheds tears, yell out at the sky, and go out and buy a terrible bike so they can get around. The lack of coverage on this issue doesn’t exactly help either. Something must be done about this 200.000.000$ a year national disgrace.

It’s time to put an end to it, and our bicycle tracker may help to do just that.

So what should the upsides and benefits be for a bicycle tracker?

Bicycle tracker benefits

A bicycle tracker should of course fit all types of bikes. You might want one tracker that you share with your family, or you might sell your bike and get a new one. It is then important that the bicycle tracker will fit your bike, no matter what shape or size your handlebar has. Most GPS trackers for bikes on the market today, struggle with low battery capacity. For some this isn’t really important, but it gets annoying to have to take it inside and charge it every time you are done using your bike. Your bicycle tracker should be a peace of mind and something you can just leave in the handlebar for longer periods of time without having to worry about battery capacity that much.

It should also be easy to charge. The most optimal way of charging would be if you didn’t even have to remove it from the handlebar. The bicycle tracker should also come live tracking. This feature is useful for many different reasons, but can impact the battery life of the device. Your bike may have gotten stolen, and with live tracking you are able to see where it is going. You might have it in your kids bike, and just want to check how far away from home he or she is. It all comes down to peace of mind.

GPS bike

Tail it Bike

There are already several types of bicycle trackers on the market. The first tracker came on the market in the early 2000s. Hidden in the backlight or as an additional device that you attached to the frame. Tail it bike is a bicycle tracker that is specially designed, so you can hide it in the handlebar. It’s small and extremely light so you won’t notice it. What is the point of a bicycle tracker if it sticks out like a sore thumb?

Tail it bike is also 100% waterproof, charges fast with USB-C and has a battery life of over 3 months. Installation is plug-and-play, where you update the position of the bike GPS with a single touch in the Tail it application. The Tail it Bike is encrypted like all the other Tail it trackers.

If you are looking for a great bike GPS tracker then look no further. Pre-order your GPS tracker for bike today!

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Bicycle locks can’t be trusted

If you have an expensive bike, you’re probably already tried a few different bicycle locks. It is a small hurdle for bicycle thieves, and could probably save your bike from being randomly taken by a pedestrian walking past it. Unfortunately, people going after bikes to steal are usually not hindered by these locks. Last week I came across this channel on YouTube. He’s called “LockPickingLawyer”, and what he does is that he reviews various locks and tests their security.

He bought a Bicycle lock for 55$, and it’s no ordinary lock. It’s made out of kevlar and steel. Should be unbreakable, right? The answer is no. He went to home depot, and got the cheapest pliers he could find. It took him two seconds to break the lock that is valued at 55$ to keep your bike safe. A bicycle tracker might be the best chance you’ve got to keep your bike safe. It won’t stop your bike from getting stolen, but if that bicycle lock gets cut and a thief runs away with it, you have the bicycle tracker available to keep track of it.

Conclusion for the Bicycle tracker

For owners of expensive bikes, this will not guarantee you that your bike won’t get stolen. If your child is using the device in his / her bike, it won’t guarantee that they remember where they parked it when they went out to play. But having the bicycle tracker there in the bike, will help you follow along and it might save your bike from being lost in these situations.

If however, you find yourself in a position where someone has stolen your bike, go to the police. Don’t follow it directly to the thief, because that might be dangerous.