Bike gadgets

Picking out bike gadgets for your bike can be confusing. That’s why this post won’t be about what gadgets to choose. The market is enormous, and there are so many variants of every little bike gadgets. How do you find the bike gadgets that are right for you? It mostly depends on your bike, of course. Most of the bigger retailers in this category have a huge selection of products, that fits all types of bikes and uses. Variation is key for these retailers, because after all, all bikes are unique.

If a bike will make its owner happy or not depends entirely if its the right model for the right type of use. These days you have so many different types of bikes, so you have to be careful that the retailer you’re talking with has experience with your type of bike. This can vary if you have a BMX, mountain bike, road bike or an electrical bicycle.

What should you be looking for when it comes to bike gadgets?

In general when it comes to parts on a bike, you need to check the quality. This is of course more important on some parts than other. As an example, pedals would be more important with quality rather than a bell for your childs bike. The quality for moste bike gadgets are important though, especially if you’re not a mechanic. If you choose the lower quality version and it breaks, it might be expensive to get it repaired if you can’t do it yourself. A simple bike service here in Norway costs around 50$. If you need extended service, and have to replace any parts it might cost you up to 100-200$.

bicycle gadgets

If you stick to the famous brand names on parts such as gears, powertrain and chain, you should be pretty safe. Bikeshops hate receiving cheap bikes for repairs, since the parts for these brands are harder to get a hold of. A lot of the times they might have to remove a bigger part than required, because the smaller parts were not available to replace. The part you need to make sure is good, is the powertrain, which is the chain and the gear. That would be the most expensive part to replace. You don’t need to use the bike much for a cheap chain to start showing wear and tear.

Cycle gadgets

cycle gadgetsCycle gadgets are usually something you’re forced to buy with buying a bike for the first time, or it can be something you realize the necessity of as time goes on. The first tip any bicycle enthusiast would give you, would be to get a set of tools. Having tools that can do the job can be the difference from a sour walk home, to getting your bike fixed quickly and keep you going on your trip. Clipless pedals would also be a tip you would get when it comes to cycle gadgets. Even though it can be hard to get used to, it gives you a much better step when you’re cycling.

Having a good helmet is something all knows is important, but unfortunately a lot of people forget that a good bike headlight is almost just as important. Especially here in Norway, where its dark 2/3 of the year. Being seen when you’re out cycling can not be underestimated.

Bicycle tracker

In our article regarding the bicycle tracker, we go in detail about the advantages of having such a GPS. Especially if you have a more expensive bike, you might have realized that a bike lock won’t always be enough. A GPS tracker for bike from Tail it stays hidden in your handlebar, and has a battery capacity of 8 weeks on a single charge. It gives you an extra layer of security on your bike, and you can set it up so it sends you a notification on your phone if the bike moves.

It can also be used in your child’s bike, if you wish to check in where the bike is, and if everything is OK. I’m sure everyone has experienced that a bike has been left behind on the playground or at a friends house. That’s some situations where a bike tracker comes in handy, as it gives you it’s position within seconds.

bike gadgets

Bike gadgets and cycle gadgets

There is unfortunately no written answer on what you should get. What we recommend is to find a retailer that specializes in your category of bike. You can easily get some ill advice, if you go to someone who is not an expert on the subject. If you have a road bike for example, you should find an expert on this area. They will give you advice on what bike gadgets and cycle gadgets that will fit your bike and your use, and still be quality. This can mean a huge difference not only in quality, but also the experience you have when you’re cycling.

Even though it’s probably not a disaster if you’ve gone for a sub-optimal bike gadget, it can be costly in the long run if repairs and replacements are necessary. Save yourself the trouble down the road, and use some time to find the best bike gadgets for you.