Dog tracker

There are several different types of GPS trackers for dogs on the market today. Most of the GPS trackers delivers the position via a VHF transmitter and receiver, or via a GSM transmitter and a smartphone. Devices with VHF transmitters are large and also require a VHF receiver, usually with a long antenna. These GPS dog trackers are attached to a vest, that the dog is wearing during hunting.

Other types of GPS for dogs are smaller, lighter and the dog wears it as a neck collar (illustrated in the picture below). These devices have a longer battery life, so they can last for several weeks before recharging. Many dog owners use their tracker daily, even when the dog is not hunting or searching. You never know when you might need it.

Tail it Pet is a small GPS tracker for dogs, that can fit even the smallest dogs. With a weight of just 0,8 oz, the dog hardly notices the GPS tracker attached to its collar. In this article we will take a closer look on these small devices such as dog tracker and cat tracker. You can read the test at the bottom of this page. The Norwegian magazine “Hunting” has written and published the test in 2018. You can download at check out the Tail it app today! Available for both iOS and Android.

Big test of our Tail it dog tracker

“Simply impressive, the size and weight taken into account”

Our Tail It Pet dog tracker has been through several tests in various medias, but never before has it been tested so thoroughly over such a long period of time. The magazine “Hunting” brought one of our GPS for dogs outdoors, and tested it in both wet and dry climate. The Tail It GPS tracker for dogs, was tested in different settings. High up in the mountains, down in valleys, in the countryside and in densely populated areas, only to stand the test with brilliance.

Battery capacity

Furthermore, the magazine “Hunting” has tested the battery capacity of our dog tracker, with amazing results. Our first version of the Pet tracker had a 420mAh battery and an expected 10-day lifetime. The test panel used the tracker for 11 days with updates every single day. When we now launch our latest edition of GPS for Dogs, we have upgraded the battery to 580mAh, while we have cut down on the information being sent. This doubles the battery life of the device. The magazine writes: “Our experience is that you can trust Tail it when you need it.”

What makes a good dog tracker?

What is important in a good dog tracker? You might have your own preferred list, as this also depends on the breed of dog. First priority should be comfort. The dog tracker should give you peace of mind, and you shouldn’t have to worry about your dog not wanting to wear it. It should be so small that the dog doesn’t notice it.

Battery life should also be important. Most users of a dog tracker charges it daily, so many don’t think they need a dog tracker with a longer battery life. But then you experience the scenario no one wants. The dog runs away. Thank god you have a dog tracker, but what good is it if it runs out of battery before you can find your dog?


It should be easy to operate. Buying a GPS device for your pet doesn’t necessarily mean you have great technology knowledge. It should be easy to set up, and easy to understand. A lot of companies do this wrong, but with Tail it it is just plug and play. We also have set up videos and user manuals in case you get stuck.

One of the most underrated traits in a dog tracker is cyber security.

Cyber security in dog trackers

Cyber security within the GPS world has been a hot topic lately. New articles pop up everyday of companies breaking the law by not keeping your personal information safe. For Tail it, this is our top priority. The Tail it dog tracker is encrypted, as well as the Tail it application is EU GDPR compatible.

This means your personal information is kept secured, and the information belongs to you, the user. The dog tracker and the server both have encryption keys, which allows the data sent from the tracker to the app to be encrypted. This means if anyone wants to get their hands on this data, they won’t be able to do anything with it, as they don’t have the encryption key.

This encryption also helped our tracker in other ways. By being encrypted, we could change the code it sent into binary. This means the device uses much less data, and expanded the battery life no the device by several days.

collar for pets with gps


Buying a dog tracker is easy. Buying the right one for your dog is not. We recommend that you make yourself a list over what’s important for you. Do some research on the product you are considering, and the company that offers the service.  As mentioned above, the best pet tracker might wary from breed to breed.

Make sure it is the correct decision for both you and your pet, and have a simple goal in mind. The goal can be whatever you want. For some it might be peace of mind, for others it might be an optimal tracker for hunting. We hope that the Tail it dog tracker will fit all your needs, and if you have any questions regarding usability, you can contact our support and they will get back to you with an answer.

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