Phones for kids.

Parents and kids have different reasons for wanting a phone for their kids. Parents plan to use their child tracker to call their children when needed, while the kids think about everything they can do with the phone. Download games and apps, take pictures and watch youtube. It is therefore important to have a common understanding of why a mobile for the child is desired.

Mobiltelefon til barnThe Norwegian Media Authority shows that 91% of children aged 9-11 have their own phones for kids.

The average age to get its first mobile phone in the US was 6 years in 2017. In Norway, age was even somewhat lower and media surveys shows that 91% of children between 9 and 11 years old have had their first mobile phone. That’s why we feel a child tracker is a great substitute for a phone. For those who are not mature enough yet for the smartphone.

Worldwide, the average age is to get their first mobile phone at 10.3year and there are many who think that this average is a good rule for when the child will get his first mobile phone.

Bill Gates did not give a phone to his children until they became 14 years old.

Bill gates first mobile to children

Is Bill Gates strict against his children’s use of the very technology he has been part of developing? Bill Gates reveals in an interview with The Mirror that his kids did not get a mobile phone until they were 14 years old. And even though they got their first mobile phone, there were many rules about the use for the kids. There was a time in the evening when the children had to stop using the phone. It was not allowed to use at the dining table and so on.

What phone for kids do we recommend?

mobil telefon til barnPerhaps your child is not ready for a smartphone yet. Perhaps there is a good alternative?

A GPS watch for kids is mobilephone without access to the internet and social media. It’s a phone for ringing, without everything else.

Our smartphone for kids can also just be called by pre-approved phone numbers, so that no unknown person will be able to contact the child. This mobile phone also has its own emergency button that automatically dials all preset emergency numbers in the APP.  Of course, we’re talking about a Tail it GPS tracker for kids.

Tail it Kids child tracker

Our Tail it Kids is a combination of a traditional mobile and a GPS watch. It is a child tracker designed as an ordinary smartphone with mobile phone functions. The fact that it is designed like a smartwatch makes the child always carry the phone. They never leave it while playing.

The watch is always on the kids hand, which make contacting your child much easier. During ball games, climbing and other activities where the children would normally not bring a mobile phone. If the child is out riding a bike, our GPS watch for kids  has a really good microphone and speaker so the child does not have to let go of the handlebar to talk.