Mobile tracker

Our 100% free Tail it mobile tracker APP makes it easy to track other mobile phones. The Tail it APP lets you share your location to any android or IOS devices. Very easy to set up and share location between friends and family, all in one application.

location trackerYou can hide at any time and you’ll always see who have access to see your location. You can hide from one specific person or hide from all people or group.

People do not want to share location at all times, sometimes you want to share with friends and other times you just want to share location with family or one special friend. Our Tail it mobile tracker lets you do just that!

It’s perfect for families with kids!

If your kids do not have a smarphone, you can buy a personal tracker or a GPS watch for kids here in our page. We’re shipping products every day, so please have a look at all of our GPS tracking units. If it already have a mobile, then just download the APP and start tracking their mobile.

As you can see, the Tail it mobile tracker APP is not just another mobil tracker, but it also connect to a lot of devices. In this way you can expand your location awareness to not just include your friends and family, but also your kids, parents, your pets, keys or even your car. We in tail it technologies have made a GPS tracker for every need. The bigger the GPS tracker is, the longer the battery. So pick the GPS tracker you need to stay on top of the things your care the most about.

Our goal is to provide location awareness of everyone and everything you need, all in one place.

mobile tracker


Encrypted mobil tracker

All communication protocols between server and app, and our GPS trackers are encrypted. This means that your data within the application is safe. And since we’re an European company, we’re regulated by the new European privacy law GDPR. This means that we do not store your location data or share any of your personal information. The app is build with privacy by design and privacy by default, meaning that we will deleted all your personal data if you stop using the APP. Also, since we’re selling GPS watches for kids and devices to track kids, we take privacy seriously.

Please download our 100% free mobile tracker APP. Hope you enjoy! Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any questions.