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Tail it Bike – GPS tracker for bike is specially made for all types of bikes. The GPS tracker for bike is 100% hidden in the steering and has a flexible design to fit all types of handlebars for bikes. Our GPS tracker for bike is also waterproof, has a full 8-week battery life and is charged with USB charging without having to take it out of the handlebar. Read more about the bicycle tracker here!

GPS tracker for bike battery
8 weeks battery

GPS Tracker for Bike flexible
Flexible design

GPS Tracker for bike Alarm

GPS tracker for bike invisible
100% hidden

GPS tracker for bike global range
Global range

More information about the GPS tracker for bike:

GPS Tracker for bike


The GPS Tracker for bike is Splashproof. Submersion is deprecated.

– Degree of protection: IP67.

Location (GPS, LBS, WIFI and places)

The bicycle tracker updates when you choose to update position. This logic extends the battery life of the device. The device also has a Multi-LBS-system implemented, which collects data from more than 3 GSM-stations and calculates the position accurately by analyzing direction and ephemeris from satellites. The device also has an advanced tool to help to calculate position outside of GPS coverage, which means the battery will last even longer. The Bike GPS tracker uses algorithms that will track the device using base stations, WiFi and places inside the app.

Real time tracking

You can always get location inside the application, just buy the click of a button. If there is ever an emergency, you can turn on live tracking. You choose what interval you want the Bicycle GPS to update, so if you set it to every 5 seconds, the device will update every 5 seconds.

Specifications for bike GPS Tracker

– Dimension: 185×17,8mm

– Weight: 64g


– Chip / GPS: MTK6276 + 5931wifi and 3339 GPS Chip

– G-censor: Yes

– Wifi Place: Yes

– Charging method: USB-C cable.

– SIM-card: Nano SIM, supports GPS and GPRS

– RFID: Yes

– GSM Antenna 1: Built in

– GPS Antenna 2: Built in

– WIFI Antenna 3: Built in

– Battery: 2000 mAh lithium battery


– Charge time: 2,5 timer

– Standby: 8 weeks.


– The GPS Tracker for bike supports: iOS and Android

– Languages: English, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish

– Location: Placement shows through Google Maps inside app

– Number of devices with one App-account: No limit

This Tail it GPS Tracker  for bike requires a subscription.


Pink, Blue, Black

394 in stock

bike gps

Millions of bikes are stolen every year. I don’t want to lose mine. With Tail it Bike, I always know where it is!

Jostein Wilmann

Tail it bike tracker gives me control of all the families bicycles.

Helen Antonsen

Locate your bike within seconds

Easy to share your bike tracker with friends and family.

Global range. Locate your bike world-wide.

Turn on live tracking in case of emergency
Light and tiny

Tail it bike is a light and tiny tracker. It weighs only 64 grams, so you wont notice its attached to your bike.

Global range

Tail it bike is a global range GPS tracker, unlike many other Bluetooth trackers. Locate your bike anywhere, at any time.


To use Tail it bike, you need a smartphone and the «Tail it» app. Download the app from Appstore for Apple phones and Google Play for Android phones.


Tail it bike has a battery capacity of up to 8 weeks and is equipped with waterproof USB C charger.

100% Hidden

Tail it bike is 100% hidden in your handlebar. With its own locking mechanism, you can easily fasten the GPS tracker, and cant get it out without unlocking it again.

Live tracking

With live tracking you can easily locate the bike every 2 seconds. This is a helpful tool if there is an emergency or a situation where you need to locate the bike with frequent position updates.

Dont lose your stuff

In 2018 its totally unnecessary to lose the things you care about. when a small piece of technology will give you its location within second

Easy install

Just download the Tail it APP and take a picture of the unit. Then you’ll see its location on the map

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