Personal tracker

Tail it personal tracker is a super small GPS tracker with global range! With the size of a coin, you can hide it and keep track of everything.

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Our personal tracker is super easy to use.

All you need to do is; download our app, take a picture of the units backside and then you’ll see its location on the map. Our personal tracker has 14 days battery life and uses QI wireless charging or USB-C charging. Loosing your belongings is a thing of the past.

With this technology you’ll never have to lose anything again. 

Personal tracker appDownload our Tail it application for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Keep track of your most valuable things!

What is great about this mini GPS tracker, is that the size is so small it can be used for almost anything. The dimensions of the device is only at 35×41,5x10mm which makes it as small as a coin. You might own an expensive purse you care about, or have a jacket that you don’t want to lose. Just slip your personal tracker in one of the pockets, and keep track of it all the time. If your purse is stolen, just turn on live tracking and you can track the thief and go to the police.

Everyone has different possessions they care about, things they just can not lose. But worrying about losing your stuff is a thing of the past. With this great technology you never have to lose your things again.

Live GPS tracking

The Tail it firmware include live tracking of location. This will update the location of the device every 5 seconds to show you its location live on the map. It also include light and sound, which help you locate the tracker when its inside or somewhere hidden within the 5m GPS accuracy area outside. Amar from our team is demonstrating this features in the one-clip video below. Our personal tracker is the smallest of all the Tail it trackers and the one Amar is using to demonstrate, light, sound and live tracking in the video below.

Stripped down to its essence, the Tail it personal tracker is a tiny GPS tracker with GPRS, LBS, GSM and WI-FI connectivity.

Giving you accurate location (within 5m) world wide, every time you need it.

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