Personal tracker

Tail it personal tracker is super small and has global range! Look at the picture above, it’s a real size picture. Its no bigger than a coin. And this is not just another bluetooth tracker which needs to be close to your mobile phone to work. No, this GPS keychain has global range, so you’ll find the things you’re tracking no matter how far away they are.

Personal GPS tracker

Our awesome mini gps tracker can be hidden inside anything that you want to track! 



All you need to do is; download our app, take a picture of the units backside and then you’ll see its location on the map. Our key finder has 14 days battery life and uses QI wireless charging or USB-C charging. Loosing your keys is a thing of the past. With this technology you’ll never have to lose anything again.  And if you do, then you just go and find your item, since you know exactly where it is. 

Used in the Tail it application, which you can download for free on the App Store or Google Play.