Cat years

How many cat years are your cat really? You may have heard that seven human years is like one cat year, but that is not true. There is now a new way to figure out how old your cat is. And so, in an easier way than before. We will try to take you with us in this article, so that you may learn how to do it. Are cats something you are interested in? Then this might be the article for you.

How to count cat years

Kittens grow in an enormous speed their first year, and they age by 20 years faster than the human. When the cat is four years old the aging prosses slows down. After this one cat year will be the same as five human years. You can se the layout below, in how to figure out how old your cat is.

Cat yearsHuman yearsCatt x times faster
6 mnd1020
8 mnd1320


You may say that normally a cat will be between 15 to 20 years old. A little fun fact is that the oldest cat ever according to the record books is Creme Puff, who was born on August 3, 1967, and lived until August 6, 2005 – an amazing 38 years and three days.

Cat years, what is the point?

Is there any point in figure out how many cat years a human year is? Probably not, but it is a fun little thing to know. The most important thing is that your cat is healthy and happy in all their days of life. Table may be table, Happy cat happy life!

Where is the cat all their cat years?

catHave you ever wondered where your cat is when it leaves the house and are gone for many hours? You may even have been worried that it won’t come back? As we now it can take days before a cat comes back from one of their little adventures. Then it is now wondering that you may get a little bit worried and may wonder where it went or simply if it is still alive. We have developed the perfect little thing for you as a cat owner. Ether if you are simply curious about where the cat is, or if you are worried that it may run away and disappear. With Tail it Pet tracker you could easy follow where the cat is. Its ways only 28g and has a battery who lasts a whole two weeks. In this article we are going more carefully trough what Tail it Pet may do for you as a pet owner.

Cat years

In this article we have tried to explain a little bit more about how to count cat years and what it has to say for the cat. We hope you now have some more knowledge about the subject and knows how to count how old your cat is. In addition to this we hope you will click to view our article about the cat tracker. So that you may see what this wonderful little GSP may do for you. Who does not want to know where their pet is? You at least don’t need to worry about your cat being out for a long time on one of their little adventures. Good luck with your little friend!