QI Compatible

What makes a wireless charger QI compatible? How does it work? Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, is a simple and cable free way to charge your device. A wireless charger requires two things. Firstly you need a phone that is QI compatible. Some of the older models of phones don’t support this technology. Number two is a charging plate. This charging plate is connected to a power source, and is what charges your phone.

QI compatible charger

What is QI compatible charging?

A wireless QI compatible charger will be much easier to charge with, than a traditional charger. Instead of worrying about cables, you can just place your device on the charging plate, and it will start charging. A wireless charger can also help protect your phone from damages that can occur when you unplug / replug your charger too much. A wireless charger is also much more robust, and won’t show signs of wear and tear as much as a charging cable would

It will also help you in your every day life. Imagine just charging your device whenever you put it down. It doesn’t matter where you are. You can have one in your car, at work, on your nightstand etc. As long as you have access to electricity, you can just place your device on the charging plate, and it will charge.

A QI compatible wireless charger will be as fast, if not faster than your average charging cable. The Tail it wireless charger comes with 10Watt charging. This is twice as much as your traditional charger cable that comes with your phone.

QI compatible wireless charger

How is the security on a QI compatible charger?

Wireless charging is a very popular technology at the moment, but is it safe? A wireless charger is completely safe to be near, so you can safely keep it nearby. The signals that the wireless charger lets out, is looking for the coil that is in your smartphone or your Tail it device. Since the coil has to be in contact with the charging plate to charge, this signals never go out into the air.

Some might get nervous that the wireless charger gets hot. Like most chargers you get your hands on today, the emit heat, and a wireless charger is no exception. The Tail it QI compatible charger is tested a lot in regards to efficiency. This minimizes the amount of energy that gets wasted in heat.

A wireless charger is not water proof. Some smartphones today are, but very few wireless chargers are. Like most electronics that is attached to a power source, you should be careful, and not get the charging plate wet.

QI compatible Tail it +

The future for QI compatible charging

QI compatible charging is making huge steps all the time. If you have an electric toothbrush at home, you might already have a wireless charger in your house. The popularity around the technology keeps on growing, and new ways to use it gets discovered every day. It is most commonly used in smartphones and smartwatches, but more and more variants emerges all the time. Tail it has for example added wireless charging in their personal tracker and car GPS.

When we look to the future of QI compatible charging, what can we expect? To start with, we can expect better charging opportunities in public. Soon you will have them available in your hotel room, your airplane and in lobbies around the world. Scientists and engineers are working on new ways to give QI compatible wireless charing to the masses. Now that technology is evolving as fast as it does, we are excited to follow what comes next.