GPS watch for kids

When is it okay for our kids to get their first mobile phone? As parents, we want to protect and shield our children, especially from all that is available on the internet. Many parents feel that it’s a big step, to let the youngest kids have their own mobile phone. A GPS watch for kids can be a great substitute for the youngest. It will give you the only the advantages and not the disadvantages from the mobile phone. You will be able to communicate with your child, but without the access to internet.

In this article we will discuss why we think that a GPS watch is a better first mobile phone for children. If you consider buying a traditional mobile phone for your child instead of a GPS watch, read our article first.

So what are the benefits of choosing a GPS watch as the child’s first mobile phone?

  • the watch will only accepts calls from pre-approved phone numbers
  • it automatically answers after 3 rings, so you always get in touch with the child
  • it’s attached on the child’s hand, and is therefore not just put away during play, which makes it easier to reach your child
  • there is an emergency button that dials pre-approved phone numbers in a loop so the child always contacts an adult
  • GPS watch for kids do not have access to the internet with social media or other apps
  • Phone numbers of our Tail it Gator3 watches are not in any public register
  • the GPS watch shows its location in APP so you can see where the child is

These are all important benefits for parents with children between the ages of 3 and 12 who wish to contact their children without  giving them a telephone. A GPS watch for children also gives you the location to the child in addition to being able to make and receive calls. And this is a topic that has been discussed in Europe this last year.

What about the privacy of children?

Where is the ethical boundary between a GPS watch that shows the child’s location and an unhealthy monitoring that threatens the child’s privacy? This is the question we, as a manufacturer and supplier of such GPS watches for children, must be an active part of. Our task is to safeguard the child’s privacy. We in Tail It have taken a number of measures to avoid such unhealthy surveillance.

In 2017 we conducted a large survey, with about 3000 of our customers and users of GPS watches. In the survey we contacted the guardians. They gave us feedback the features they used the most. The first thing we learned, was that most of our customers did not use the watch primary to see the child’s location. The used the watch to send short messages to their child. These could be simple messages about the dinner being ready, or that it was time to come home for the evening. The guardians said they felt it was easier to contact and reach the child, as the GPS watch always answered automatically.

Listening to our customers

We removed the log in our watches, and changed the firmware on the products. Since upgrading the location of the watch only updates when requested (provided by pressing the update icon in the app). The upgrades doubled the battery life of the watch. The new firmware puts the watch in a sleep mode when nobody updates the location. Furthermore, we could base the updates on accurate GPS every time, without using battery-saving location updates like WI-FI and LBS. We still use WI-FI and LBS, but now only as a location verification, and we do not base the location only on these methods.

The GPS watch doesn’t have a location log history. You can’t see which path your child took home from school, but you can see the child’s location when you need to. Now also without logging in. In 2017, we lost some of our customers because of this. We also retained many, who were grateful for the new update that limits the unhealthy surveillance of the child. It is important for us to point out, that our watches do not replace normal monitoring and care for your child. Of course, you need to take care of your child and you will not replace the supervising of the child, by putting on a GPS watch.

False or true security?

Is it possible that the watch presents a false security for the child? With many of our users, the child itself wants the watch. It can provide a sense of security to know that mom and/or dad is just one touch away.  When I was young, I was afraid to walk home from my friends house after dark. I was afraid of ghosts and monsters. I got my friend’s mother to watch me, as I ran down the street to my front door. A GPS watch might have given me the security I needed. But a security against what? Against ghosts and monsters?

The big scare

The Tail it team don’t want to market ourselves towards children, and we don’t want use fear as a selling point. However, in the discussion of false security for the child, and guardian. Our opinion is that if you, as a parent, have a good dialogue with your child. About the use of the watch, and that it does not replace usual behavior and caution. We think that the watch could help provide a little extra security for both guardian and child.

We in the Tail it team have found; that a GPS watch for children is a useful product. Both children and guardians can appreciate it in everyday life. The communication is in focus. Either by giving short messages, or by not calling the child, just looking at the location in the app. Did the child come home from school, yes I can see in the app that they did. It’s dinner soon, are they far away? Yes, they’re still on the football field, I’m calling.

We believe that this technology can make everyday life easier for a lot of you. What do you think?